Vendor Access

Control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by authorised employees, contractors, suppliers and third-party vendors.

Traditional access will require a VPN connection and start with complex password reengineering projects that can take weeks and months to complete. We secure access to your sensitive systems within days with or without the use of a VPN access.

  • Privileged Insiders: Give administrators the access to the systems they need without harming productivity.
  • Third Party Vendors: Grant contractors and vendors privileged access to critical assets with or without giving them a VPN.
  • Audit and Compliance: Set granular permissions and record activity for privileged accounts to ease audit and compliance.
  • Monitoring: Monitor sessions in real-time and review tamper-proof audit trails post-sessions
  • Session Forensic: Find a critical event or cyber breach by searching session transcriptions and video recordings
  • Centralized: Provides a single entry point, allowing you to prevent the spread of malware from end user to target systems


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