Enterprise Remote Erasure

Secure Remote Device Data Erasure for an increasing flexible working workforce

We live in a Data Economy.

Data security is the highest priority when enterprises are managing their IT assets remotely. Forty-two percent of employees that currently have a remote work option plan to work remotely more often in the next five years. Of those remote workers, nearly all would prefer to continue working from home to some extent, while nearly three-quarters of companies plan to make working remote permanent.

A remote workforce presents a greater security risk for corporate data on company-owned IT assets, especially when employees leave the organization or need replacement equipment. This is because when data assets move outside of enterprise control for repairs, replacement or return, they face the potential for loss, theft, or other forms of data vulnerability. The purpose of Sanitizing Data:

  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Data Hygiene
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Data Governance
  • Data Privacy
  • Compliance (ISO 27001, PCS DSS, Australia Privacy Act 1988, Singapore PDPC, EU GDPR)
  • ADISA, TUV and Common Criteria Certified EAL2+ certifications

Ensure compliance across all devices anywhere with or without Internet connectivity


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