Modern Slavery Statement

As a provider of IT Software and services, a purchaser of goods and services and also an employer, we recognize our responsibility under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in areas of our practice. Accordingly, we plan to assess and address the risk of modern slavery risks across two levels of our business, namely, operations and supply chain.

We are committed to combatting modern slavery in all forms, and we strive to identify any actual or potential modern slavery risks occurring within our business. An overview of the actions that we will undertake to assess and manage modern slavery is set out below:

  • We will monitor the reports made via our whistleblowing channels to ensure that we did not receive any reports of actual or suspected violations of modern slavery.
  • We communicated with our people regarding our inaugural modern slavery principles and positioning and recapped our commitment to respecting human rights in our operations and supply chain.
  • We have introduced a level of Human Rights Training designed to increase awareness of how to recognize red flags for modern slavery.

On a periodic basis, we review and revise our internal procedures to improve the way we assess, address, mitigate and prevent the risk of modern slavery occurring within our supply chain. We do this in recognition of the fact that striving to do better is the only way to bring about impactful change in the way we embed human rights considerations in our procurement processes.

In summary, our due diligence process required:

  • the consideration of the human rights impacts of a supplier’s provision of goods or services to us both at the time of first selecting the supplier and upon renewal or extension of the contract with the supplier.
  • suppliers, whether directly or through their supply chain, must comply with all applicable human rights related laws in respect of their employees; conduct their business activities in a manner which respects human rights; not hold another person in slavery or servitude, employ, engage or otherwise use forced or compulsory labour, trafficked labour or child labour; and not engage in or condone the use of corporal punishments or mentally, physically or sexually abusive or inhumane treatment of workers.